Ponytail Beanies

Normal hats do not stay in position when you have long hair; they rise up and eventually come off your head, especially when taking part in sports or active movement. It’s so frustrating to have to keep re-positioning and refitting!

HATS4TAILS beanies are lovely and warm with a soft fleece lining. The Ponytail or plat positioned through the hat helps secure the hat to your head meaning you can run, jump and twist etc. to your hearts content with your hat firmly on your head and your ears nice and warm.

With a normal hat, your long hair is squashed against your head and when you remove your hat your hair is a mess. HATS4TAILS beanies can be taken on and off with your ponytail and plat intact! They also stop your hair being blown around and in your face on a windy day or when in motion.

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