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We began developing pony tail hats in 2010 after many years of struggling to wears hats with long hair. Hats4tails were  designed initially with outdoor sports in mind. Winter sports such as skiing; running; rowing; Golf; walking; watching football but are great for all outdoor sports and activites; dog walking and at the stables!

We began by adapting existing hats so I could wear them with a pony tail or a plat and after being seen wearing them, we were often asked where people could buy then from. The answer was always “you can’t we made it!”

The idea proved very popular and so we went on to manufacture hats especially for people with long hair and ponytails or plaits.

Of course as soon as we started introducing the idea to manufactures, the idea was quickly copied and lots of cheap imitations came on to the market.

We believe our hats are far superior in design and quality!!! All of our hats are  original designs.  Our beanies have a hole for a proper ponytail or plat not a pineapple on top of the head!

The fleece lining not only feels soft and non itchy but helps keep the cold wind out.

HATS4TAILS are great for:

Dog walking, running, strolls in the park, working outdoors, hiking, climbing, cycling, skiing, sailing, snowboarding, football, watching football, Golf, at the stables and camping etc. or just for looking great and feeling warm!

Health & Safety

HATS4TAILS hats should not be worn as an alternative to safety hats & helmets when taking part in dangerous activities. We would always encourage the use of safety equipment where appropriate.